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Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3)

From hacking to sexual exploitation, cyber-criminals commit their crimes behind the anonymity and relative safety of a computer screen. However, law enforcement is catching up to cyber-criminals. As Texas federal internet crimes lawyers , we are always monitoring developments in the area of cyber-crime. According to a Wall Street Journal report, cyber-criminals have begun targeting dating websites in the latest round of internet scams.

Dallas Federal Cyber-Crime Lawyers If you have been charged with an internet crime, you could be facing serious penalties.

When using a legitimate online dating site, victims are more apt to provide personal information and or participate in online compromising acts; however, CID officials said to be very cautious of their online communications and activity and not share intimate, personal information with strangers or people you have never met in person. Officials describe sextortion scams as cyber sexual extortion where perpetrators conduct schemes that leverage online sexual acts for financial gain or other forms of blackmail.

One scam is when the criminal will claim that the service member sent sexual images to a minor, who has now become the alleged victim, and threatens to report the service member to law enforcement unless a monetary fee is paid. The scammer will request payments are made for things such as counseling for the alleged victim and to replace electronic devices that now contain child pornography.

If these demands are not met, the person alleging to be the lawyer threatens to report the incident to law enforcement. Martin said legitimate law firms will not contact you and ask for money in lieu of reporting you to law enforcement and typically law enforcement will not attempt to make contact with you over the phone. The computer crime investigative unit is aware of instances where scammers threatened to release videos unless a second or even a third payment is made.

70+ common online scams used by cyber criminals & fraudsters in

April 29, The Dangerous Side of Online Romance Scams The IC3 is warning the public to be wary of romance scams in which scammers target individuals who search for companionship or romance online. Someone you know may be “dating” someone online who may appear to be decent and honest. Scammers search chat rooms, dating sites, and social networking sites looking for victims.

The principal group of victims is over 40 years old and divorced, widowed, elderly, or disabled, but all demographics are at risk.

Leave that approach to the twentysomethings.

However, not all cyber-criminals are super proficient in programming or have enough resources to buy exploits or rent spam botnets. There are lots of petty crooks who would be happy to get a few dozen successful installs of their viruses. Having spent some time scouring darknet forums, we have identified and compiled 13 techniques for spreading malware, be it a data stealer, hidden miner, crypto ransomware, or just adware, that are used by low-profile black hat hackers.

Micro Job Websites These are online crowdsourcing platforms where hundreds of people perform various tasks for a small reward. The idea is prosaic: In this scenario, about 10 users per day may get on the hook. This method is the easiest and the most passive one. Another Method with Facebook Create a run-of-the-mill profile of a businessman, fill out all the details, make a neat wall and get as many likes and comments as possible.

The tactic of pretending to be a Bitcoin miner who makes a couple of grand a day has been working wonders lately. Be sure to post screenshots of how much you allegedly earn right on your wall. You need to be posting news and customer feedback with words of gratitude on a daily basis for about a week. YouTube Spam When implemented right, this tactic can get you lots of installs.

This is doable by commenting cryptocurrency mining-themed videos or reviews of different game cheats.

How to Control Cyber Crime

The 5 most common online swindles By Kevin McCaney May 18, The Internet Crime Complaint Center IC3 has issued its ” Internet Crime Report ,” which serves up statistics on crimes reported to the center and gives details on how a lot of those scams are carried out. The top five states for reported crimes, in order, were California, Florida, Texas, New York and Ohio, according to the report, which is not surprising considering their large populations.

One thing the center can do for the public is help people avoid online scams by educating them on the types of crimes being committed. The report categorizes the five most common types of online crime as:

Telegram Chats What you are supposed to do is spam themed chat rooms on Telegram messenger, offering something that the users would most likely be interested in.

In the aftermath of the TalkTalk data breach, MPs recommended appointing an officer with day-to-day responsibility for protecting computer systems from attack was an interesting year for all things cyber. It was the year that brought major breaches at Equifax where million customers had information leaked , Pizza Hut and the NHS amongst others.

Cyber security was the issue on every business leaders mind and people have been getting there house in order with GDPR on the horizon. What can we expect to see in then? Here are some things to consider. Cyber security regulations improvement We need to see a continuing improvement in the relevant regulations as apply to cyber security.

Cyber security best practice:

10 cyber security trends to look out for in

Anonymous hackers breaking in locking crucial files and then demanding ransom for their release. ABC’s linsey Davis has the story. This Massachusetts police department victimized by cybercriminals. Our information was held hostage. Critical files locked, inaccessible. The best option for us even though it was the last and worst option for us was to pay the ransom.

Cybersafety experts say these cyberterrorists are responsible for crippling more than a million computers around the world including police departments in Illinois, Tennessee and New Hampshire.

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Tony USA I got this scammer on my personal ad last week. I had never imagined of looking for someone in Russia. Then, because of this scam, I happened to find your web site. Sure enough, I was stunned to find the exact letter and “her” name and mailing address on the recent black list. It was on your web site. Your web site info saved me. But ironically, because of this scam, I got to know your web site. I’ve read your e-book of “anti-scam” and now this e-book by Ms.

All Dating Sites should include Background Checks

Tuesday 21 November Flashpoint analysts told The Independent the Russian-speaking and English-speaking marketplaces were the biggest in the fraudulent trade, followed by French and Spanish. A lot of the listings we see include flights at 30 or 25 per cent of the listing price. Researchers said it was impossible to tell the success rate of the fraud, which should be thwarted by identification checks by airlines, hotels and car rental companies. Some sites have been encouraging customers to make reservations in their own names, as attempting to fake a passport or travel document is too risky.

Ms Rowley one major American bank was getting hit by so much fraud from Russian-language perpetrators that it blocked the purchase of all flights going in and out of the country.

At first they used the real name of the wife Anna Lazareva to collect money but then moved into using names of other females to receive wire transfers from all over the world.

Nick Ismail has been an interesting year for all things cyber. What can we expect to see in then? Here are some things to consider. Cyber security regulations improvement We need to see a continuing improvement in the relevant regulations as apply to cyber security. The dynamic and fast-moving nature of cyber security outpaces regulation which is far too slow and clumsy to be of any benefit and might actually hinder security by building a culture of compliance with regulations and a false sense of security against enemies who are agile, motivated, and clever.

Data theft turning into data manipulation We can expect to see attackers changing their methodology from pure data theft and website hacking to attacking data integrity itself. This type of attack, in comparison to a straightforward theft of data, will serve to cause long-term, reputational damage to individuals or groups by getting people to question the integrity of the data in question. Demand will continue to rise for security skills A global shortage of cyber security-skills in the workplace arguably makes organisations more desirable targets for hacking.

Demand for expertise will rise as companies realise that their current IS strategy is not sufficient. Also, with companies increasingly in-sourcing their security needs, internal training and skills growth has to continue to accelerate. On the other hand, the next generation of AI-powered attacks will be crafty enough to emulate the behaviours of specific users to fool even skilled security personnel. This might include the ability to craft complex and bespoke phishing campaigns that will successfully fool even the most threat-conscious among us.

Attackers will target consumer devices Ransomware is a recognised problem for companies of all shapes and sizes. In and beyond, will we start to see consumers being targeted across a range of connected objects?

13 Ways Cyber Criminals Spread Malware

By Elliot Speers April 5, 0 How to remain anonymous on the internet Keep yourself well hidden while browsing the internet has many benefits. The most of important of which is to keep your identity safe from scammers, phishers, and hackers. So how do you remain hidden on the internet? There are actually many ways.

This type of attack, in comparison to a straightforward theft of data, will serve to cause long-term, reputational damage to individuals or groups by getting people to question the integrity of the data in question.

Risky online dating apps putting your privacy in danger You may not be as anonymous as you think. Published October 29, Just how carefully is your app keeping your personal information and location out of other people’s sight? Researchers at Kaspersky have taken a look at a number of online dating apps for Android and iOS, and found that some are doing a pretty poor job of securing users’ details.

Firstly, some apps encourage users to enter their place of work on their profile: First of all, we checked how easy it was to track users with the data available in the app. If the app included an option to show your place of work, it was fairly easy to match the name of a user and their page on a social network. This in turn could allow criminals to gather much more data about the victim, track their movements, identify their circle of friends and acquaintances.

This data can then be used to stalk the victim. More specifically, in Tinder, Happn and Bumble users can add information about their job and education. In addition, some dating apps were found to track users’ location – displaying the distance between a malicious party and a target. If a target was staying in one place, a hacker could feed an app bogus co-ordinates and receive information about their relative distance to track down the location of the person they were interested in.

The researchers reported that users of the Tinder, Mamba, Zoosk, Happn, WeChat, and Paktor apps were particularly susceptible to having their location determined. Meanwhile, some apps were guilty of elementary security failures – transmitting sensitive information in an unencrypted format, opening opportunities for an attack to intercept the data in transit:


Alex Ellinghausen At a Council of Small Business Australia forum in Canberra this week, members heard from the Reserve Bank’s cyber security chief Andrew Pade that criminals were shifting their focus to smaller targets. Just as robbers had switched from banks to service stations and newsagents, Mr Pade said cyber criminals were now targeting smaller operations.

He said the Reserve Bank was recording some kind of attack every four seconds and 70 per cent of all incoming email was malicious. Advertisement “While it may be scary, this is a new norm.

If you suspect a problem, make sure your security software is up to date and run it to check for infection.

Romance scams happen on online dating sites and chat rooms, where cyber criminals create fake identities to deceive victims. They often pretend to live abroad or to be a soldier overseas. Once the cyber attacker has convinced the victim that they are in love with them they eventually ask for money, for example to travel to visit the victim or for an emergency. Cyber criminals call or send emails to trick victims into giving out personal information and credit card information stating that they have flowers to deliver to them.

Cyber criminals send spam emails with links to fake ecards. When the victim clicks on the ecard link it installs malicious software on their computer. This software is then used to capture personal information and other data. Cyber criminals create fake ecommerce websites and post unreasonably good deals, usually through pop up ads or social media. Victims purchase items and enter in their personal information and credit card information. Update your security software such as anti-virus and anti-malware weekly.

I suggest 30 days for accounts that have financial data and 90 for others like email or social media.

The Most Dangerous Town on the Internet – Where Cybercrime Goes to Hide