In this form, it is more common in the Lowlands, but it is widespread in Scotland in different forms. In the Highlands, it was rendered as MacAndrew, of medieval Scottish origin. There are a number of suggested origins for William but research points to the Normans in Italy. It is known that More On the north east side the land falls steeply down to the burn, once called Buthenot, and on the south side it slopes more More Armstrong History The Armstrong name has a mythological origin, in that it is said their heroic progenitor, Fairbairn, saved his king of Scotland in battle, and not from a wild beast as is the case with another Border clan – the Turnbulls. It is said that, dressed in full armour, he lifted the king onto his own More Arthur Clan Arthur, Scottish Gaelic:

The Scottish clans looking to appoint new chiefs

Andrew was introduced into serial as the former lover of established character Donna Bishop Nicola Quilter who arrives in order to reconcile with her. He explained that “there are a lot of men like Andrew who seem like nice guys on the surface but there is something that just makes them flip. He felt “edgy” about playing issue led storylines, but he was more inclined to portray because the story behind the abuse was an important subject.

What did she want?

Share this article Share After the pair were signed to perform at the same event, Mutya invited best friend Keisha Buchanan, now 30, to watch, and the duo became a trio after manager Tom decided he liked their ‘look. Three studio albums were released before Mutya announced her departure in December following the birth of her daughter, and newcomer Amelle Berrabah was drafted in.

Mutya continued to make music, releasing her debut album, Real Girl, in – and working with the likes of Amy Winehouse, Groove Armada and George Michael. But due to poor record sales, the year-old was eventually dropped from her record label. In September , the year-old was declared bankrupt after failing to pay her tax bill, which according to The Sun, Mutya blamed on an ‘administrative error. At the time, she claimed that she wanted to pursue a career in fashion – although it was later revealed that she had been diagnosed with clinical depression after being reportedly forced out of the group and bullied by Keisha Buchanan.

In a interview with the Guardian, the flame-haired singer claimed that the other two ganged up on her, and that it was never a case of one fight creating discontent. Right from the start. We just didn’t get on.

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The Young and the Restless characters s — A list of notable characters from the CBS soap opera The Young and the Restless that significantly impacted storylines and debuted between January and December Lillie Belle Barber first appeared in as the mother of Olivia, the role was originated by Norma Donaldson, who portrayed the role for four years before being replaced by Robin Braxton briefly in History Lillie Belle and her husband Walter are the parents of Drucilla, Lillie Belle, in particular, tended to favor her older daughter, Olivia, because Drucilla was the product of Walter and Lillie Belle having unprotected sex.

The favoritism of Olivia over Drucilla caused Dru to run away from home to Genoa City as a teenager, Years later, when Lillie Belle and Walter reunited with Drucilla during a visit to Genoa City, she discovered the truth about her conception.

Paul’s marriage with Isabella was over when he admitted the truth to her.

Directed by Ali Ali Australia: August 13, Determined to prove herself during a Fire Service training weekend, Jodi quickly realises it’s going to be far more difficult than she had anticipated. A potential new romance with fellow trainee Toby soon turns sour. What’s even worse, Jodi has a major panic attack during her first mock fire exercise. Will she manage to overcome her fears when she finds herself caught up in a real fire emergency?

The growing infestation of St. John’s Wort on Drovers Run threatens Claire and Alex’s business but the solution to the problem may prove more troublesome when a herd of unruly goats is called upon to eradicate the weed. The misjudgments and misunderstandings of character that drive that classic echo through everyone’s dealings at Drovers Run. August 20, Becky’s loyalties are tested when she and Jake establish a horse breeding business at Drovers Run.

They are soon in disagreement with Claire over how the business is run and when the conflict comes to a head, Becky is caught in the middle and the strain quickly becomes too much, breaking up the business arrangement and her relationship with Jake. Meanwhile, Tess, eager to see Claire dating again, signs her up for an internet dating service, and when that fails, gathers the local singles for a “Quick Dating” session. Jodi and Toby continue their flirtations. August 27, Alex and Nick come to the rescue of an attractive woman named Ellie when her car breaks down on a country road.

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She had one half brother, Scott Grainger. Christine found love again in Dr. Scott Grainger , but it didn’t last when she found out she was related to him. She was forced to grow and toughen up after being raped by Derek Stuart , and she slowly turned from a model into a lawyer. While working at the Whitman, Walker and Wilson firm, she was sexually harassed by fellow lawyer Michael Baldwin.

Aaron and Ross complete the deed, undetected.

Each record in my index consists of the name of the petitioner maiden names or additional petitioners may be in brackets , the location of the petitioner, and year of the petition. The COMPLETE land lease record contains in most cases the land lease petition and possible supporting documents that may include valuable information about the petitioner and his or her family. The miscellaneous petitions dating from ‘s are a real grab-bag of information, you never know what may turn up here.

Loyalists and discharged soldiers often mentioned the regiment in which they served. Sons and daughters of Loyalists gave their father’s name. Civilian petitioners sometimes indicated their country or place of origin. Further information that may be found in some of the petitions includes arrival date in Canada, previous residence, date and place of birth, age, marital status and names of other family members, oaths of allegiance, and character references.

I have also seen the odd will included in these records. Click here to view a document from a typical land lease record This is an example of a land lease application with some great info, age, where he came from, when he arrived in Upper Canada, and record of his military service.

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The Keppochs had a large tract of country in their possession, extending from Corran Ferry to Loch Laggan, in Badenoch, but had no charters for it, holding their lands, as Coll of Keppoch said, ‘not be a sheepskin, but by the sword, with which their ancestors had won them.

He is considered the 1st chief of Clan Maclean. Gilleain flourished around the year He was known as Gilleain na Tuaighe, from his carrying, as his ordinary weapon and constant companion, a battle axe. He was a man of mark and distinction. The following anecdote is related of him, which probably accounts for the origin of the Maclean crest, which consists of a battle-ax between a laurel and cypress branch, and is still used on the coat of-arms: For three days he wandered about, unable to recover his route, and on the fourth, exhausted by fatigue, he entered a cranberry bush, where, fixing the handle of his battle axe in the earth, he laid himself down.

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In old charters, the name had many variant spellings. Variations in surname spelling within one document are often seen for the same person. A Timothy Pont map marks the castellated building of Dunardry. Anyone traveling by the Crinan Canal and passing through Dunardry Lock is within a short distance of the site on which this castellated building stood. During this time Chief Archibald MacTavish was sympathetic to the Jacobite cause but took no action to support either the Government or the Joacobites.

Due to the fact that Dugald, the Younger, was imprisoned at in September of and that the Chief Archibald was quite elderly, during the Jacobite Rising, some of the MacTavishes fought within the ranks of their neighbor, MacIntosh.

And now I had the most wonderful friends in the world and I have no idea how this happened.

Gerard Walsh Shooting, darts, hockey, football and polocrosse news 3rd Aug 6: Ben West won both days, dropping only five points over the whole weekend from a points possible total and his score included 69 dots. Two junior members of SSAA competed with the adult shooters and shamed most of them. Marley, aged 13 years, came in sixth overall in the Hunter, in his very first registered competition, and Caden, on his fourteenth birthday, came in eighth in IRB on Sunday. Ben West 50 yds IRB 25 July, , Results: Rose Kunde , It was a productive day with a bit of fun.

Next week is Single Action and Shotgun, put on your cowboy hat and come check it out. Another beautiful morning greeted us on Sunday for our ‘ Fly’ shoot, we had a great attendance with 21 shooters and visitors who came from Toowoomba, Gatton, Stanthorpe and Warwick areas. Congratulations to our member Kevin Jones, who was competing in his first fly shoot and scored the highest points and most hits on the fly, runner-up Dave Taylor also had a fine shoot for second place.

All participants had a great day and enjoyed the competition, which was followed by a BBQ at the clubhouse. Next week we will be again shooting at yards, combined with our regular military rifle shoot.

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Aaron visits his mother in Emmerdale , where he tells her that he resents her for not raising him and explains that he feels that she abandoned him. The two begin to bond, before Aaron returns home to his father. Aaron returns to visit Chas, but she reprimands him after she catches him talking to other people about her behind her back. Louise Appleton witnesses Chas slapping Aaron and tells Gordon when he arrives to collect his son.

Gordon tells Chas that her relationship with her son is over and that Aaron will not visit her again.

The two begin meeting in barns, hotels and anywhere else they can get away with, including the garage and the Woolpack.

Pleaded guilty to aggravated indecent assault on a child under 16 yrs. Victim was a 10 yr old girl assaulted at the local swimming pool. Sentenced , in the Ballarat County Court to 15 yrs and 7 months jail – 11 yrs non parole. Victims were 7 teenage girls aged between yrs. Prior sex offences against girls as young as 12 yrs. John William Macfie, 70, was sentenced in the County Court in Ballarat yesterday, and will serve up to 15 years and seven months in prison with a non-parole period of 11 years.

A jury on Tuesday found Macfie guilty of 42 out of 52 charges.

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Origins[ edit ] Clan Maclachlan claims descent from Lachlan Mor, who lived on the shores of Loch Fyne in the 13th century. Lachlan belonged to the family who originally emigrated from Ireland to Scotland in the 11th century. The progenitor of this family, Anrothan, son of Aodh O’Neil, king of the north of Ireland, is said to have married the heiress of the King of Scots and gained lands campaigning there.

Moncreiffe wrote that it was more likely Anrothan married a daughter of the local king of Argyll or a sub-king of Cowal and through this marriage, Anrothan’s descendants gained control of the lands of Knapdale and Cowal , and several Scottish clans claim a descent from him including Clan MacNeil of Barra , Clan Lamont, Clan MacEwen of Otter, and the MacSweens who became the Irish Sweeney Clan who left Scotland and returned to Ireland in the 14th century as leaders of Gallowglass.

The castle was built sometime in the 15th century, and finally abandoned in the 18th century.

Robert is later arrested by the police, but released soon after.

In , the character returned, portrayed as slightly older by child actor Garrett Ryan. After two years, he was rapidly aged to an adult, with Blake Hood stepping into the role in April In March , after a year in the role, Hood was let go and announced to be replaced by Hartley Sawyer. The soap opera had initially issued a casting call for a character named Connor Boyd, and due to his characteristics resembling that of Kyle, his casting was kept quiet.

Hood stated that his ouster came as a shock to him. Sawyer made his debut on April 24, The character’s six-year absence was criticized, and his age upon his return received unfavorable reviews.

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Zuri meets their neighbor, Mrs. Arthur, but she arrives at the penthouse in character as “Nana Banana”, a former clown with a colorful personality. Zuri begins to favor Nana over Jessie. Jealous, Jessie throws Nana out after a banana peel is left on the stairs, which upsets Zuri.

What would it accomplish, other than a slog home for him?

How is this shallow or fake? And there is some suggesting that contrary to the popular belief, most people who have this kind of surgery are mostly happy with the result, rather than becoming addicted to it and trying to reach some unrealistic, unattainable physical ideal. August 9, at 6: For instance, face width has been associated with aggression http: If we assume this, it would imply some surgeries are unathentic while others are more authentic.

In the case of ugliness, I assume very few people say it is a fair reflection of themselves, and so plastic cosmetic surgery would be authentic. Davide August 9, at 7: Not the first time I read of things like that. I disagree and feel that the fact we associate a certain look with some specific mental characteristics creates no such duty; the onus is on the person doing the judging.

In fact I believe that people not matching the looks-based stereotypes can be a good thing, because it can push people to be less shallow in judging others by increasing their chance of being wrong.

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