The new car sleeper train, which embarks on its inaugural voyage on Monday, is an exercise in luxury travel on wheels: The champagne-coloured Shiki-shima In addition to a luxury interior to rival a top five-star hotel — created by Ken Kiyoyuki Okuyama, a designer famed for his work with Porsche, Ferrari and several bullet trains — Shiki-shima also showcases cutting-edge rail technology, with an ultra-modern motor that can be used both on diesel engine and electric train lines. The new train joins the ranks of the opulent Seven Stars train which has operated across southern Kyushu since Meanwhile, the new Twilight Express Mizukaze, a car deluxe sleeper train covering western Japan , launches in June. After passing through a grandiose gate at the entrance of Platform One of the train’s suites If the exterior of the train is undeniably futuristic, the inside, punctuated by geometric patterns of cut-out windows, is an elegant mix of contemporary Japanese design and artisan craftsmanship. Dining on board Food is another highlight.


Documents Please make plans to attend this great sale; the second session of the Ronald Kuntz Estate Auction. The auction will be conducted at the Dallas County Fairgrounds Community Building; note the earlier start time of Scroll down for advertising copy! Update on April 28th! After lot , we will run two rings. Lunch Wagon will be on-site just outside of the Community Center.

This process was later put out on the open market under the trade name, “Tyrolit.

A collection of antique enamel silver cases coming up for auction on 10th January January is often a lean time in auction rooms with few goods around to service the high demands from collectors eager to get the year under way. Plymouth Auction Rooms are again bucking the trend by hosting a sale of lovely jewellery, rare and vintage watches and collectable silver.

The evening sale on 10th January features several interesting silver collectables including a novelty pair of Edwardian silver and enamelled sugar nips in the The John Speed Map coming up for auction on 7th March John Speed is one of the best known names in the history of English cartography, producing his first map in and in “Prospect Of The Most Famous Parts Of The World” the first world atlas produced by an Englishman.

Fine jewellery, rare clocks, precious hard stones and Chinese works of art attracted worldwide attention with a record amount of online bidders recorded at the sale. Paul Keen ‘we we’re overwhelmed with enquiries for the sale and were expecting some good results Bidders from as far as the middle east and the US competed for a remarkable 4 carat diamond ring that had been in the same Westcountry family for over fifty years.

Steiner binoculars

A bargain price in this company. Kahles Has the shortest length, widest field of view, astounding picture sharpness. There is very little tube protruding beyond the objective lens in order to achieve the very short length, my personal preference is for a little more overhang to protect the glass. Available in both light alloy and steel construction.

Intermittent guttural honks suggested these birds were relaxed and eager to feed.

Last updated Feb 16, Share In a bucolic village nestled in the Austrian Alps, a co-working space sits in the original 19th-century manufacturing compound of a decidedly old-school manufacturer — Swarovski, the crystal company. The project is part of an unusual effort to refashion Swarovski into, of all things, a tech company.

It has revamped how it sells online, invested millions in high-tech machinery and signed partnerships with smartwatch makers like Misfit. Swarovski has also hired Silicon Valley advisers and sent executives to the West Coast of the United States to meet venture capitalists and others, trying to add a little tech pizazz to a business whose roots date to the days of buggy whips. It also raises questions about whether it is an industry suited to embracing the hoodies, start-up incubators and other trappings that have given Silicon Valley global cachet.

Family shareholders were concerned that Mr. Some were skeptical that the company, which employs more than 31, people and owns retail stores from New York to New Delhi, would benefit from shifting toward sensors and start-ups rather than focusing on making shiny crystal. The reluctance was compounded by the fact that Swarovski was far from facing ruin.


Swarovski’s history is a history of innovation, creativity and social knowledge Daniel Swarovski The Magic of Crystal Swarovski is an Austrian success story par excellence. At the end of the 19th century Daniel Swarovski founded a company with the aim to cut crystals automatically. The company was enormously successful and soon worked in numerous fields like the production of optical products, abrasives and grinding tools, the cutting of crystals and the manufacturing of decorative stones made from crystal.

Those were mostly used for the jewelry and fashion industries, as chandelier parts, as accessories and as beads and ornaments for attire and jewelry.

The answer is the Ross No.

When comparing a top of the line instrument to a department store bottom feeder, all bets are off. Fujinon does not jump from their top of the line goods directly to low-end Chinese products. There is a long stop at a Japanese OEM that provides some very good products, and which provides those products to just about anybody who is anybody. Also, it seems between Arnie and Mr. Yamataka, the idea is brought up that Nikon and Kowa have cheapened their products. This is just not so, Yes, if you want cheaper optics with world class names on the side, you can get them from Kowa and Nikon.

However, when it comes to the best money can buy in just about any category, Kowa and Nikon can hold their own with anyone and beat the snot out of most. In addition, these companies are not doing anything that Fujinon is not doing with their third-party purchases. And what about Swarovski with its Kahles line? The Nikon Superior E and Venturer LX wil compete head to head with anything that ever came out of Germany and the Nikon E2 is one of the best values in quality binoculars today.

I would love to spill my guts. However, I have made some promises that I do not intend to betray. However, if members of the bino list will start spending as much time checking out living Japanese as well as they do bygone Germans, eyes will begin to fly open and heads will get raw from the scratching.

Glossary of Rifle Scope Terms to Help Decipher the Confusing Lingo

Notes on the road from an Impatient Birder The flight with his luggage arrived at midnight, and the drive to the Amazon was a 5-hour undertaking. A key element in all of this equation, was that the person was there at that time, for one very specific, and crucial objective, to photograph the pair of nesting Harpy Eagles. And so, after some extremely rapid preparation and reorganisation of the weekend, e.

We arrived, to find we had narrowly missed fellow Tropical Birding guide Jose Illanes and his luggage-less tour participant heading off for the Harpy Eagle nest for the day.

Only time will tell if the latest wave of change Americans voted for in the midterm elections will result in a negative or positive outcome.

In a household of eight children, there were restrictions on how long we could keep the boiler on to heat water, how long our baths could be, how long we could drain rice in the sink without turning off the corresponding hob about five seconds and so on. Not surprisingly, these habits endured into adulthood. Last year, when winter set in on the tiny French village in which we were staying, I was horrified to learn that we would be leaving the heating on overnight.

I expected a triple-digit gas bill. However, sometimes something comes along that really tests my resolve. Here are five luxury travel gifts I want for myself. Globe-Trotter trolley case Details: With a history dating back to , Globe-Trotter is famous today for its luxury cases hand-crafted in its Hertfordshire factory. Captain Scott travelled with Globe-Trotter on the infamous Antarctic expedition in Queen Elizabeth chose Globe-Trotter for her honeymoon luggage in and continues to use her cases today and Sir Edmund Hillary ascended to first base camp with Globe-Trotter during his conquest of Everest in


Swarovski Lens Coatings Swarovski spend a huge amount of time, effort and money ensuring that all their coatings are perfectly applied as small errors can produce a big difference in image quality between binoculars. Dale Forbes, the Marketing Manager Nature of Swarovski Optik mentioned to me that “electron microscopic images of their coatings vs those of our competitors, is very enlightening”.

They have four major groups of coatings: Swaroclean – helps keep outer lenses clean and easy to clean Swarobright – a highly reflective prism coating to maximise true reflection over the entire colour spectrum, hence the true colour output Swarodur – a highly durable anti-reflection coating on outer surfaces Swarotop – Another set of anti-reflection coatings that underwent a massive revolution in when they were applied to all internal lenses, helping to ensure maximum transmission and perfect colour fidelity.

Swarobright Coatings The newest versions of Swarovski binoculars boast that they have Swarobright, but what is it?

The watch section yielded the highest prices with gents Rolex watches continuing to find buyers both local and international.

Its my understanding that to find the build date you take the first two digits of the serial and add Doing so gives me the number of Does that mean the build date is or ? Thanks much Brad Congrats. Regarding how to determine the date of manufacture for your Swarovski binoculars, back in the 20th Century Swarovski fans as well as Swarovski customer support started to refer to the progressive numbering sequence of the serial number that revels the build date as the Add 30 Rule.

Perhaps at least in the first third of the 21st Century it should be known as the Add rule. For example, if the first two digits following the first letter in the serial number are 68, as in D68x , the manufacture date is If D70x , then So if the first two digits in your serial number are 78, they were made in ; if 80, they were made in Consider registering with Swarovski Optik North America as the current owner. Chances are they will come back as good as new and often even better; usually returned with the latest coatings, armor and upgrades.

Blue Moon Blue Moon, thank you so much for the thoughtful reply, advice! They are indeed ‘s

Global Binoculars Industry Development Trend Forecast

Matty has plotted each of his destinations on this map. Blyth, South Beach Found in the south east of the county, the port of Blyth is not only home to the impressive South Pier, but the famous South Beach too. A row of colourful beach huts presents a popular subject that can be shot from the front or back, depending on lighting conditions. Shoot in RAW to make the most of the vibrant colours and afford yourself more potential to edit images further. Alnmouth Alnmouth is situated at the mouth of the River Aln.

This coastal village offers the opportunity to capture infinite photographs of picturesque fishing boats — especially at low tide when the water recedes and they beach on the sand.

These experiments would become actualities and appear on the market in under the Swareflex trademark.

Spotting Scope VS Monocular Our Top Picks Check out our pick of the absolute best spotting scopes for a range of hunting, shooting and birding activities. Variable power, parallax, Quantum optical systems… it all sounds like something out of a sci-fi flick. Most conventional rifle scopes are in the 1 inch size. More high-end rifle scopes are sporting a larger size to provide the benefit of increased internal adjustment travel.

See also Internal Adjustment Travel 3X — While this looks like this could mean 3X fixed power, it actually refers to three times the magnification power. For example, a model advertised with either 3X or 4X power means the lowest magnification setting will be multiplied 3 or 4 times to provide you with the highest setting possible. See our Meopta Rifle Scope reviews for a more detailed look. This is one type of parallax correcting feature.

Swarovski Binoculars

From a private WWII museum collection of over 20 years, featuring all types of original WWII period clothing, equipment and assorted military pieces, as well as a variety of reproduction items, uniforms, equipment, and European military surplus. All items have been part of a variety of WWII displays. The following item is offered for sale. Bmk Factory production security 3 letter Identification code. Manufactured in Prague under Germany Military supervision. Deutsche Industrie Norm Consortium of German based manufacturers of bakelite equipment for the German Military during.

Xenophobia In , we selected xenophobia as our Word of the Year.

Low- to medium-magnification optic allows for placement well forward on the rifle, allowing both eyes to get on— and stay on— field targets, whether sitting or moving at full speed. A tough, one-piece tube contains precision ground glass, multi-coated for glare resistance and maximum clarity. A Scout Rifle is meant for action, and the Burris field-proven design is double-spring tensioned for utter reliability, resistant to the shock of harsh use.

Positive steel-on-steel click adjustments provide repeatability and the whole package is completely fog and waterproof. You guessed it— the legendary Scout gets the legendary Burris Forever Warranty. Effective and elegant trajectory compensating reticle available to hunters. Others have tried to imitate it, complicate it or make it similar, but none have succeeded in making it better. The Ballistic Plex provides pin-point long-range accuracy in a simple.