For press and media enquiries: The Awards are aimed at organisations “who have proved, without a doubt, that they have been achieving business excellence despite the challenging conditions that this year has presented”. The report’s recommendations include: Their obligations to consumers under consumer protection law; How they rank and present search results and ratings and reviews; and When they undertake personalised pricing or price discrimination. Disruption of regulation by digital businesses An independent expert panel should be created to act as an outlet for public and political concerns, subject these to rigorous scrutiny, and make policy recommendations designed to accelerate the growth of the digital economy. The Tourism Industry Council advises the Government on issues affecting the UK’s tourism industry, and links with the Government’s new inter-departmental Ministerial Group on tourism. The Minister wrote to Mr Weston saying: The Council will be linked to the new inter-ministerial group on tourism and therefore I hope we can work closely together on a variety of topics that are of importance to both Government and the tourism industry. They called on him to act to ensure the fire safety of the fastest-growing part of the tourism accommodation market, both to protect consumers and to preserve the reputation of UK tourist accommodation.

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Ada was across the room, in a beautiful blue coat. I am lucky to know Ada: We moved in similar circles in New York in our twenties, and left about the same time. I came home to California, and she moved to Kentucky, while still keeping her ties to Sonoma, her hometown, active with regular trips. Her poems have also gained tautness and emotional resonance, in particular in her haunting, fiery collection Bright Dead Things, which was a finalist for the National Book Award.

Bobby lost his corn dog over on the Matterhorn.

This is a fairly major release from TheGenealogist www. The Lloyd George Domesday Records with annotated maps TheGenealogist is releasing the first part of an exciting new record set; The Lloyd George Domesday Survey – a major new release that will find where an ancestor lived in All this means that searching for where an ancestor lived using a website linked to modern maps can be frustrating when they fail to pinpoint where the old properties had once been.

The programme begins with the first release of the IR91 Index with subsequent releases of the more detailed IR58 Field books planned. The mammoth project has over 94, Field Books each having hundreds of pages to digitise with associated large scale IR annotated OS maps. The initial release from TheGenealogist is for the City of London and Paddington maps with their index records. Future releases will expand out across the country with cross linked maps wherever they are available.

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Amazon takes on other retailers with own diaper line

It used to be an Eighty-Percent-Vision. TotalVision was a brand name for anamorphic widescreen filmmaking in East Germany. In , 20th Century Fox created an anamorphic process called CinemaScope, but charged filmmakers a bundle to rent the lens. Other studios and countries quickly developed their own versions to avoid having to pay up: Vistarama, Cinepanoramic, Superfilmscope, Tohoscope, Mexiscope guess which country that one was from , Cosmoscope, AtlasScope … the list goes on.

I want it to be first base.

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Haskins hold ‘brew-off’ to find top baristas The Haskins group have backed their belief that garden centres should serve great coffee by holding their first barista competition The Haskins group have demonstrated their belief that garden centres should serve great coffee by holding their first barista competition. Sixteen baristas in four teams, one from each Haskins centre, locked horns in a brew-off hosted at the Southampton store.

The contest, sponsored by Costa, whose coffee is served in all branches, was designed to encourage high standards of coffee making. The participants had already competed against their catering team colleagues at their own centres.

The Grand Canyon is a Wonder of the Natural World, located in Arizona and measuring nearly miles long, eighteen miles wide at some points, and one mile deep.

He never made a bad film! Wallace , the actor playing Commando Cody, had a fifty-year run in films and television beginning in ; his defining part as Commando Cody began in Wallace ran for president several times; in , during his third run for the presidency, he was shot five times by a would-be assassin, paralyzing him from the waist down.

Clayton Moore , who here plays gangster henchman Graber, was, in fact, best known for playing the Lone Ranger on the television series that ran from , for episodes and two feature films. Joel is incorrect, however, in saying that this is before his Lone Ranger run—Project Moonbase was actually filmed while Moore was on hiatus from the show due to a salary dispute; he was replaced in the interim by John Hart.

Character actor Noel Cravat plays Robal and worked mostly in film. Thanks to Christopher Eckart for correcting Joel’s chronology. Ronald Davidson was a writer for many Republic serials and films, including a later TV series titled Commando Cody:

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It rapidly grew into a luxurious printed publication with an annual global circulation of over 92, We pride ourselves in the originality of our content, which features not only fashion, but also art, illustration, conceptual photography, top celebrities, iconic photographers and the legendary faces who make our creative world so exceptional. We have created something outstanding, something one of a kind:

The rotator cuff is a group of muscles and tendons that stabilize the shoulder.

After a disastrous attempt at online dating, Liz now has men eating out of her hand And losing her job turned out to be a stroke of good fortune as her less than impressive forays on the dating scene here prompted her to set up the Fine Dining Club, a bespoke way to find the ideal partner. Liz 43 explains how that visit home five years ago changed her life: On her return Liz discovered that most of her friends were now married with children.

When we Skyped he told me his webcam was broken so he could see me but I couldn’t see him. Then we met for lunch. My first thought was, why would you send your dad on a date? It turned out he was 54, not 46 and that picture was 24 years old.

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By Pete Pachal It’s about the same size with an The Remix also has both a kickstand and a magnetically attached keyboard — two Surface hallmarks.

I’ve now been to three dinner parties.

Laura Oliver Kevin Smith is the co-founder of Splash News , one of the world’s largest independent news and picture agencies. He talked to Journalism. The problem is that often when you track them down it turns out to be a year-old girl who is doing it from her Dad’s work laptop. Splash now deals with blog sites: It’s like the gold rush again. What have been your experiences with copyright issues? It’s mostly a bad experience; it’s a real problem.

Theft is a huge problem, particularly with the material we have. Britney Spears is very popular, especially on the net.

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Go compare The handy website Compare My Radio tracks the output of over 90 music radio stations across the UK, and produces for each what it calls a “Variety Gauge”. It includes four BBC networks. When they say “More Music”, they mean “More of the same music”.

It was founded in and named for English statesman William Pitt the Elder.

Well, this is it. Today APN rolls out paywalls across the websites of its rural press empire. This will affect a dozen daily regional papers in Queensland and New South Wales, which will now operate a soft paywall, with readers able to read 10 articles before being asked to sign on. But one aspect of the subscriptions offer has raised eyebrows.

The subscription will include website access and a weekend paper, as well as all the perks available to News Corp tabloid subscribers. He wonders what role Miller had in facilitating the deal. If an APN subscription now automatically makes one a News Corp subscriber too, perhaps there are questions to be asked about how independently the two companies operate. APN regional media chief Neil Monaghan said the company was constantly in discussions with other media companies to “collaborate where it makes sense and where it will benefit readers”.

We are also in discussions with other potential partners about further value we can bring to the subscription package. Crikey understands discussions around the subscription package began in , and were mainly led on the APN side by Monaghan. It’s understood the ACCC was made aware of the arrangements and has raised no objections. The short statement from Nine said the purchase of the stake by WIN is expected to be settled on November 9.

This means that WIN is now a major shareholder in two of the three free-to-air TV networks in the country — Nine and Ten — where it also owns In its statement WIN said: